Programming 2 Midterm

Interface Computer College
Database 1
Midterm Exams

I. Program Making. (60 pts.)

Create an application that shows how to calculate the compound interest of a saving.

• Dialog Boxes
• Group Box
• Labels
• Text Boxes
• Buttons

When you deposit money in a savings account, your money earns interest that is calculated every month or quarter, etc. Because this is not money you need right away, the amount accrued can be reinvested, thus boosting your interest so the next calculation would be based on the original amount plus the new added value. This is the basis of compound interest.

The compound interest can be calculated monthly or quarterly, etc based on the original amount you deposited, the interest rate, and the period you and the institution agreed upon.

This application uses a dialog box equipped with the necessary controls used to perform the type or related calculated. The formula we will use to perform the calculations is as follows:


Design the form as follows:




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