ERD Exercise

Prepare an Entity Relationship Diagram for Patty’s Daycare Centre. For each entity indicate the primary key by underlining attribute(s) making up primary key and also specify 1 additional significant attribute. Identify and label significant relationships between pairs of entities (either 1:1, 1 : M or M:N).

Patty’s Playschool is a child daycare centre. A parent registers their child or children at the school using a registration form. A parent can submit more than one registration form. Each room in the daycare is assigned an age group. For example an infant is under 1 yearof age and toddlers are from 1 to 3 years of age. A child is assigned to a room based on their age and availability of space. A room may be assigned one or more employees. An employee can only be assigned to one room. The minimum number of employees required for a room is determined by the number of children assigned to the room and the child:staff ratio identified by the government. For example one employee can care for 5 infants or 8 toddlers.


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