Mth 113 Prefinal Exam

Write your answers on a 1 whole sheet of paper:

For Test I, the following symbols are used for the various connectives:  

  1. • (AND)
  2. v (OR)
  3. (Negation or NOT)
  4. ⊃ (Implication or IF-THEN)
  5. ≡ (IF AND ONLY IF)

Test I. Write T (for tautology), CN (for contradiction), or  CY (contingency):

  1. G G
  2. D (B B)
  3. K (M K)
  4. (S H) (H S)
  5. (R E) H
  6. (N (D E)) D

Test II. Write P (for permutation) or C (for combination) then solve for its value [For example  your answer could be –>  P (285)   or C (392)]

  1. If 110 people will exchange hugs with everyone else, how many hugs will take place?
  2. Using 7 letters only (A,B,C,D,E,F,G), how many 2-letter passkeys can we make if we are to use each letter only once?
  3. If we have a total of 12 ice cream flavors to choose from,  how many possible selections can we make if we are only allowed 3 flavors on an ice cream cone?
  4. There are nine Asian participants out of the 15 contestants in an international competition.  How many possible ways can we form a group composed of 10 contestants with 6 Asians?

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